The Pie and the Princess

I have a Dream…..

Moira Neal 15.06.2017

When the tragedy of the London Fire hit the news on Wednesday morning 14th June 2017, I sat and cried. My heart ached for all those people who lost their lives, their families and friends, who were badly burnt and injured and for everyone who lost their homes and everything they had in this world.

I thought of people being woken in the night wearing nothing more than a nightdress, or underwear and little more. I imagined the unimaginable of having nothing more than what they wore that morning. No underwear, clothes, no toothbrush, no makeup… nothing. All the photos of happy memories snatched away in the inferno. Paintings by their children gone forever. Precious little keepsakes… the silly little things that mean so much to us, all destroyed in that intense inferno.

I imagined the feeling as their lungs were filled with acrid smoke, the desperate feeling of thinking they might die. I could feel the horror of being separated from their children and partners. Of groping about in dark corridors and hearing the screams of people being burnt. Seeing the sight of people  hurling themselves to the ground or frantically waving for help from windows. The feeling of now knowing what was to come.

Now, I can imagine their fear of closing their eyes at night and those horrific images filling their heads and stopping sleep let them escape from the nightmare. That morning when the news broke, I walked into my own garden, a beautiful place full of colour and warmth. I imagined two big tents housing families and giving them some sort of temporary shelter and escape from the horror of what had happened to them, but I realised that I live too far away to help. Their lives and friends are in London, not here in my leafy village.

Instead, I thought of another way I might help and offer some comfort. I thought of making a story that my Granddaughter Hope told me when she was just six years old, into a download and selling it for £1.00 to raise some money for a comfort fund. If enough people donate just £1.00, we collectively can make a huge difference.

I illustrated Hope’s stories and made them into a book for her when she was 11 years old. I always thought her little stories were worth illustrating and we talked about using one of them one day to help raise funds in a disaster. That day has come. A tragedy of such magnitude, in our own country, affecting so many people, some of whom had so very little as it was.

Now my dream was for Hope’s beautiful little story to be made into a downloadable PDF and sold, but I was stuck, as I did not know how to do it and make it happen. I hoped someone somewhere could take my idea and magically make it happen and help us to raise lots of money to make those lives more bearable. Amazingly it did. Through the fabulous community, Facebook page came the offers of help needed; Preeti Deshpande has made the little story into a downloadable PDF and Edd Stonham has created this site and enabled our dream to come true. Thank you to you both for helping out so enthusiastically and making it happen.

Now it is over to you… please share a link to the site with as many friends as you can… friends with little children and to your friends with grandchildren too. Share with anyone and everyone. The more we share, the more we can help, together, to make a difference. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we may sell lots of downloads.

£1 all profits will go direct to the Red Cross dedicated fund.

Thank you so very much

With love from Hope and Granny Moira